Ontario NDP Caucus

Government of Ontario

Legislative Affairs Management Officer - Queen's Park

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  • To assist the Leader and Caucus in carrying out their public, parliamentary, party and Caucus responsibilities by providing advice and information on legislative issues and procedure, and ensuring a focused strategic approach.


  • To work closely with Caucus members and staff ensuring full co-ordination between the two groups and successful communication of the policies and priorities of Caucus.




  • Supervising co-ordination of Members’ participation in the House and committees, including coordinating speakers to legislation, ensuring Members have the information they need to speak to legislation, keeping track of Members’ rotation questions, preparing daily business sheets, and informing Critics of upcoming Statements and legislation.


  • Monitoring the House when it is in session, attending strategy meetings, and assisting Members in their duties in the House and committees.


  • Providing advice and political strategy to Caucus on all matters relating to legislative activities in the House and Committees, including House rules and standing orders.


  • Liaising with the Staff of the House Leader/Whip of the other Parties to negotiate, discuss and co-ordinate legislative procedure. Representing the House team and/or Caucus at meetings of other party’s House teams or stakeholder groups, as assigned.


  • Serving as the point person for Member’s offices with respect to emerging issues and policy questions, tracking recent policy developments, provide existing messaging and information when available, and coordinating with Caucus, researchers, and Critic’s offices to develop resources as required.


  • Tracking requests for information products from researchers and Critic’s offices, coordinating approval of draft products, making edits as required, and disseminating finalized products.


  • Becoming thoroughly knowledgeable about political, community and stakeholder organizations and issues through regular gathering of information from media, community, government, stakeholders and other sources, especially related to House and committee business, and other assigned issue areas.


  • Liaising with external groups and individuals relevant to the work of the House Leader and Whip or the legislative work of Caucus.


  • Providing other research support as necessary, including developing and maintaining stakeholder relationships, generating ideas for effective targeted political action to advance strategic goals, briefing Caucus members and preparing them on all aspects of contentious issues, and preparing a wide variety of reports and presentations for various audiences.




  • Knowledge, appropriate to the position, of the politics of Ontario and Canada of the NDP and/or Labour movement and of the Ontario Government and public affairs. Experience in the labour movement or NDP organization and election campaigns would be an asset.


  • Thorough understanding of legislative and parliamentary procedures, standing orders and committees.


  • Excellent political judgment and the ability to perceive and pursue news angles and political opportunities in the daily flood of information.


  • Excellent communications skills, both written and verbal. Demonstrated ability to think conceptually and strategically.


  • Excellent interpersonal skills.


  • Ability to work under pressure with minimal supervision.


  • Exceptional attention to detail, time management, and organizational skills.


  • Bilingualism would be an asset.

The NDP Caucus is an equal opportunity employer. Accommodations for job applicants with disabilities are available on request.


Please apply on link https://ndp.bamboohr.com/careers/252 


Thank you for your application. Please note that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.